Law & Order

Briscoe is accused of taking part in a Jewish conspiracy to frame an anti-Semitic suspect.


Corrupt Crimes S1 - "Killer Conviction - Justice Or Mistake?" | 7:00 PM

A young Idaho man confesses to a vicious murder. But did police steer Christopher Tapp to make a false confession, and send the wrong man to prison? And, white supremacist Buford Furrow goes on a killing spree in Los Angeles.

Corrupt Crimes S1 - "The Chessboard Killer" | 7:30 PM

A deranged man goes on a killing spree near Moscow. Alexander Pichushkin seeks to become Russia's most prolific serial killer. Plus, New York art dealer, Larry Salander, swindles his big-name clients.

Forensic Files S8 - "Hair Of The Dog" | 8:00 PM

Police discover a man shot dead in his home after they receive a call from his worried mother. The search for the killer leads them on a two-year investigation spanning several states. Because many of the witnesses were admitted drug users, investigators need hard physical evidence to prove their case. That evidence comes in the form of a rare gun and the victim's beloved dog.

Forensic Files S8 - "Breaking News" | 8:30 PM

Children at a Texas hospital seem to be dying at a higher rate than at any other hospital in the country.

Forensic Files S8 - "Bound For Jail" | 9:00 PM

A postcard allegedly written 40 years earlier is found in a German archive, implicating a refugee who sought asylum in the United States after World War II.

Forensic Files S8 - "Nailed" | 9:30 PM

Just weeks before a witness is to testify against the man accused of sexually assaulting her, she is murdered in the front yard of her own home. Investigators immediately suspect her attacker, but they don't have enough evidence to prove his guilt. It would take fifteen years and advances in forensic science and DNA testing to lead police to her killer.

Angel Of Death

Featured Movie: Angel Of Death

Sunday, Mar 31 | 7:00 PM ET
Respiratory Therapist, Efren Saldivar, always preferred the graveyard shift at Glendale Adventist Medical Center. It was during those the late-night hours that he would inject his patients with a drug that would paralyze and suffocate them. Though doctors eventually found him in possession of the illicit drugs and fired him, it took several years before detectives could uncover enough evidence to convict Saldivar.
Rating: TV-PG
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