Without A Trace

A 911 operator vanishes after receiving a mysterious phone call, and the team believes she's in danger, if not dead, when they learn she was threatened by a man who believes his wife died because the operator couldn't help fast enough.


Forensic Files S10 - "One For The Road" | 7:00 PM

A woman goes missing while on a vacation with her husband in Key West. Police search every square inch of the island but find only a pair of sandals which might have belonged to her. Then two important pieces of video surface, and investigators begin to wonder if they should be searching for a missing person or a killer.

Forensic Files S10 - "Army Of Evidence" | 7:30 PM

A mother of two young children is found dead in her bedroom from an apparent suicide. However, when investigators learn she almost died in a house fire three years earlier, they decide to take another look at the evidence.

Forensic Files S2 - "Killer Fog" | 8:00 PM

It was the single most deadly automobile accident in American history. Almost a hundred vehicles were involved, twelve people died and more than fifty people were injured. Investigators set out to determine if the fog covering the road that day was a natural phenomenon or something more nefarious.

Forensic Files S2 - "Sex, Lies And DNA" | 8:30 PM

While Earl Morris was vacationing in California, he learned his wife had gone missing from their home in Arizona. The search for Ruby Morris involved dozens of investigators and scientists, ending with surprising results.

Forensic Files S2 - "Bitter Potion" | 9:00 PM

The flu-like symptoms of a mother and her children prove to be indicative something much more serious: thallium poisoning. Investigators have to find the source of the poison, and determine if the exposure was accidental or if they now need to find a killer.

Forensic Files S2 - "The Blood Trail" | 9:30 PM

In a quiet village in Great Britain, a farmer came upon a chilling sight. Impaled on his fence post was a severed lamb's head along with a note which read, "You next." The author of the note did not elaborate on why the farmer had been targeted, but between the lines, he had said plenty.

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A brilliant, emotionally scarred woman battles to the top of a powerful crime syndicate to free her family from a life of violence.
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