A young attorney from a poor Southern family accepts a high paying job where he begins to discover the firm is tied to organized crime.


72 Hours: True Crime

72 Hours: True Crime - "Jeweler's Wife" | 7:00 PM

The wife of a successful jeweler is found in their home, stripped naked and beaten to death. The jeweler immediately falls under suspicion, but he's not alone. The couple had been overseeing expensive renovations to their home for the past year, meaning literally hundreds of people had access to the house before the murder. A horrible crime with a multitude of suspects. But the jeweler's wife was no sitting duck. She had fought back. And under her fingernails is the DNA that will lead detectives to her killer.

72 Hours: True Crime

72 Hours: True Crime - "Thrill Kill" | 7:30 PM

When a senior citizen is killed on a city street, authorities at first treat it as a typical hit-and-run accident. But as they investigate further, they begin to realize that the culprit is a thrill-seeking psychopath who is intentionally out to kill people.

72 Hours: True Crime

72 Hours: True Crime - "Monster Of Miramichi" | 8:00 PM

Firemen are called to put out a blaze and discover two sisters, one dead and the other on death's door. Detectives learn that a man snuck into the house late at night and brutally sexually assaulted the sisters before setting fire to the house. The attacker's face was covered with a balaclava and he seemed to have a chain around his waist that could have been part of prison shackles. So begins one of the most gruesome and sadistic murder sprees in Canadian history.

72 Hours: True Crime

72 Hours: True Crime - "Frenzy" | 8:30 PM

Three bodies are found in a house, arms tied behind their backs with stab wounds to the neck. Bloody footprints in the upstairs hall. These are the clues to a killing spree that leaves a young woman, her boyfriend and an elderly church deacon dead. When evidence and fellow church congregants suggest a mentally disturbed youth from their bible class could be the culprit, police believe they have their man. But the police are wrong. And a frenzied killer is still on the loose.

It Takes a Killer

It Takes A Killer - "The Clear Lake Murders" | 9:00 PM

Four young adults are gunned down inside an affluent home in a quiet suburb of Houston, Texas. Police investigate the quadruple homicide for three years, chasing down hundreds of leads, before arriving at a cold-blooded killer with a convoluted motive.

It Takes a Killer

It Takes A Killer - "Cheat, Kill, Deny" | 9:30 PM

A central California community is rocked when a pregnant wife vanishes without a trace on Christmas Eve. After months of tireless investigation, and conversations with a critical informant, cops make two grisly discoveries that confirm the expectant mom had been targeted for murder.

Featured Movie: Runaway

Sunday, Nov 18 | 7:00 PM ET
After living in hiding for 17 years, a woman faces new danger when her daughter's drug-dealing father locates them and comes looking for the money she stole from him years earlier.
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