Forensic Files

Two suspects living in the same apartment are linked to a murder by a gun and a pair of bloodstained boots, –items that belonged to the one who claims he'd never even met the victim. Investigators hope the manufacturing code stamped on six beer bottles is distinctive enough to prove who is telling the truth and who is a cold-blooded killer.


Forensic Files S9 - "Pinned By The Evidence" | 7:00 PM

After a street fight takes the life of a national wrestling champion, police have to determine if he was killed in cold blood or in self-defense. A jury determines it was murder and sentences the accused to a minimum of twenty years in prison. Six years later, he is granted another trial and a forensic animator offers a different explanation for the most damning piece of evidence.

Forensic Files S9 - "Cries Unheard" | 7:30 PM

A 19-year-old girl was found dead in her car, with the scene staged to make murder appear to be suicide. During their investigation, police discovered the victim was involved in a love quadrangle, giving several people a motive to kill her. The killer's identity would be revealed by a piece of evidence found in a suspect's trash.

Forensic Files S13 - "Dirty Laundry" | 8:00 PM

A woman is sexually assaulted, stabbed repeatedly and left for dead. She survives and gives police a detailed description of her attacker. When someone who fits that description practically turns himself in, police are sure they have their man, until the DNA evidence proves them wrong.

Forensic Files S13 - "Drowning Sorrows" | 8:30 PM

A family vacation turns into a nightmare when the wife is found face-down in the lake. There are no witnesses and little conclusive evidence to help police determine if they're dealing with a suicide, an accident or something more sinister. A forensic pathologist applies a ground-breaking technique to discover the truth.

Forensic Files S13 - "As Fault" | 9:00 PM

The woman in the back of the truck was flailing her arms, screaming. They thought she was doing something dangerous for the fun of it. But when they find a jacket near a pool of blood, they realize what they'd seen wasn't a joy ride. It was an abduction.

Forensic Files S13 - "Family Ties" | 9:30 PM

After he got into the home, an assailant used an axe to kill the husband and critically injure his wife. Nothing was taken, so this wasn't a robbery. A DNA profile from skin cells collected hundreds of miles away will reveal the killer's identity and his motive for murder.


Featured Movie: Disturbed

Saturday, Apr 20 | 7:00 PM ET
The director of a mental hospital begins to question his own sanity when he keeps seeing a woman he killed appear around the hospital.
Stars: Malcolm McDowell, Geoffrey Lewis
Rating: TV-14
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