Forensic Files S12 - "Smoking Out A Killer" | 7:00 PM

A college senior is found raped and murdered near an unpaved footpath on campus. In recent years, two other students were killed in a similar fashion. Police fear a serial killer is on the loose and they need to determine what, or who, these women had in common.

Forensic Files S13 - "Frozen Assets" | 7:30 PM

When a respected business owner is brutally attacked and killed, investigators have to determine if this is a robbery gone wrong or a calculated murder. The evidence at the scene tells police what happened but not who was responsible.

Forensic Files S9 - "The Financial Downfall" | 8:00 PM

A beautiful, vibrant young woman falls to her death from a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Initially, investigators believe it was a tragic accident. But after a forensic examination of photographs taken at the scene, police have a very different picture of what happened.

Forensic Files S9 - "A Daughter's Journey" | 8:30 PM

Haunted by the disappearance of her mother some twenty years earlier, a young woman undertakes an investigation of her own.

Forensic Files S9 - "Over A Barrel" | 9:00 PM

Many years pass before the robbery and brutal murder of an elderly couple are solved.

Forensic Files S9 - "Pinned By The Evidence" | 9:30 PM

After a street fight takes the life of a national wrestling champion, police have to determine if he was killed in cold blood or in self-defense. A jury determines it was murder and sentences the accused to a minimum of twenty years in prison. Six years later, he is granted another trial and a forensic animator offers a different explanation for the most damning piece of evidence.

Night Game

Featured Movie: Night Game

Sunday, May 26 | 7:00 PM ET
A police detective tracks a serial killer who is stalking and brutally murdering young women and leaving their bodies near a boardwalk.
Stars: Roy Scheider, Karen Young, Glynn. Carlin
Rating: TV-14
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