Without A Trace

Jack and the squad search for a celebrity couple's Sudanese two-year-old adopted son, who is kidnapped from his home. The team considers if the abduction is connected to his parents' celebrity or the boy's native country.


FBI Files, The S7 - "Independence Day Breakout" | 7:00 PM

Seven inmates break out of a high security prison in New Mexico. The escapees, all violent criminals, are a threat to anyone who crosses their path.

Forensic Files S13 - "Shoot To Thrill" | 8:00 PM

A teenager returns home to discover his father's body lying in a pool of blood. Because the victim's wallet and watch are missing, the police suspect robbery as the motive. Now they must determine who had the most to gain from his death.

Forensic Files S13 - "Political Thriller" | 8:30 PM

A politician died mysteriously during a hard-fought reelection campaign and the medical examiner can neither isolate the cause of death nor explain the tiny puncture wounds discovered during the autopsy. If the victim was murdered, it would be up to investigators to determine if her political enemies are to blame or if the killer is someone much closer to home.

Forensic Files S13 - "Double Cross" | 9:00 PM

A naval officer threatens to go public with tales of on-the-job sexual harassment and assault, and a callous military hierarchy is concerned only with covering-up the incidents. When the officer is brutally murdered, investigators find evidence her allegations may have been part of an elaborate scheme for financial gain. Hoping to separate fact from fiction, they turn to forensic science.

Forensic Files S13 - "Window Watcher" | 9:30 PM

The woman's story seems farfetched: A man wearing only underwear and gloves broke into the house, stabbed her boyfriend to death and raped and terrorized her for hours afterwards. But the evidence at the scene supports her story, and investigators turn to the FBI and their criminal profilers for help.

Forensic Files S13 - "Stranger In The Night" | 10:00 PM

Police are skeptical when a man claims his mother was murdered by the hitchhiker he picked up. Their suspicions are heightened when he refuses to take a polygraph test, and they turn to forensic science. Does the blood and fingerprint evidence at the crime scene support the man's story or prove his guilt?

Breaking Point

Featured Movie: Breaking Point

Sunday, Sep 22 | 7:00 PM ET
A retired detective is asked to track down a serial killer before he kills again.
Stars: Gary Busey, Kim Cattrall
Rating: TV-14
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