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Separate Lives

A beautiful psychiatrist hires an former police officer to unravel the mystery of her strange double life.

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The Others

The mother of two children comes to suspect her remote country estate is haunted.

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Desire And Hell At Sunset Motel

Three mysterious men and a married woman become embroiled in a murder.

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The Unsaid

A teenager carries disturbing secrets that compel a psychiatrist to unearth the patient’s gruesome past.

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Waking The Dead

A candidate for Congress has to question himself when he sees the love of his life return from the dead.

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What Lies Beneath

A woman believes that a visitor from another dimension is trying to guide her into a sinister mystery.

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Whispers In The Dark

A psychiatrist is treating a woman with whom she unknowingly shares the same lover. After someone is murdered, the psychiatrist must decide whether her lover is a homicidal maniac.

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A U.S. Marshall tracking a vicious murderer through the Antarctic must locate the killer before the sun sets for six months, or risk being trapped in the dark with the madman for months on end.

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While searching for a serial killer, a newly promoted police inspector is shocked to discover that her former lovers are victims.

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The Sitter - wide

The Sitter

A family hires a live-in baby sitter who hatches a plan to harm the mother.

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