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The Others

The mother of two children comes to suspect her remote country estate is haunted.

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What Lies Beneath

A woman believes that a visitor from another dimension is trying to guide her into a sinister mystery.

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A beautiful widow’s gratitude turns to naked fear when she learns that a good Samaritan has been stalking her after saving the life of her son.

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Picture 5_Snapseed


A woman experiences the afterlife after a car accident kills her husband and leaves her injured.

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My Little Eye

An internet reality show turns into an experiment in isolation and paranoia.

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I, Madman

A bookstore clerk develops an affection for the works of a late horror author and deranged murderer, soon becoming convinced he is haunting her in the real world.

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Dead Ringers

Twin brothers, both renowned gynecologists, descend into madness after becoming romantically involved with the same woman.

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A cruel school master's wife and mistress collaborate in a carefully planned attempt to murder him. All goes well, until the body disappears.

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The director of a mental hospital begins to question his own sanity when he keeps seeing a woman he killed appear around the hospital.

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Eyes Of A Stranger

A TV anchorwoman’s hearing and vision-impaired teen sister is the next target of a killer.

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