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Shooting Elizabeth

Tormented by his wife, a man decides to take her back to the place where they spent their honeymoon and kill her; but she disappears.

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Curdled (1996)_Snapseed


A woman, fascinated with violent death since she saw a falling corpse pass by her window, lands a job with a post-murder cleaning service. During a clean-up job she discovers evidence that police have overlooked.

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Desire And Hell At Sunset Motel

Three mysterious men and a married woman become embroiled in a murder.

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Very Bad Things

A groom-to-be and four friends set off for a night in Las Vegas but things go badly wrong when a prostitute is accidently killed, Nothing – absolutely nothing – is going to stand between bride-to-be and her trip down the…

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Sliding Doors

A woman’s future is told in two parallel stories….the outcome hinging on whether she makes it aboard a London subway train before the sliding doors close.

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Rough Magic

An apprentice magician goes to Mexico to escape her fiance', and to find a Mayan shaman who will teach her ancient principles of magic, while being trailed by a detective.

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Two lovers inadvertently take the notion of fiery passion too far when their lovemaking begins generating real conflagrations.

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Radioland Murders

In 1939, when a new radio network goes live, a harried secretary and staff try to keep the show afloat during a series of real life murders of the cast.

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Over Her Dead Body

A ghost tries to sabotage her former boyfriend’s current relationship with a psychic.

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Legal Eagles

An assistant district attorney and a defense attorney join forces to defend a performance artist who is accused of theft and murder.

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