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Cool And The Crazy

She decides to have an extramarital affair, and so does he. But both get more than just excitement; they get danger.

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A tough ex-con embarks on a journey to reclaim hidden money she stole from a local mob boss.

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Point Of No Return

A female murderer is transformed into a bourgeois assassin by an underground government agency.

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A U.S. Marshall tracking a vicious murderer through the Antarctic must locate the killer before the sun sets for six months, or risk being trapped in the dark with the madman for months on end.

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Tequila Sunrise

A beautiful restaurateur becomes involved in a romantic triangle with two old friends: one a police officer, and the other an ex-drug dealer.

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A young female flight attendant is forced to land a 747 jumbo jet after the crew is murdered by an escaping prisoner.

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Point Of Entry

A couple moves into a gated community with high security after the wife is the victim of a crime. They make friends with a recently divorced neighbor only to learn that he isn’t the man he seems to be.

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Narrow Margin

After accidentally exposing her whereabouts, a Los Angeles District Attorney must protect a key witness from the mob.

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Net, The

A computer programmer finds herself on the run from an unknown enemy dedicated to ruining her life by digital means.

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No Mercy

When two policemen find out about a contract on a crime boss, they pose as hitmen in order to go after him.

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