Separate Lies

A couple's marriage is complicated by the introduction of a third party.


American Greed

American Greed - "A Widow's Web" | 7:00 PM

A rich husband ends up dead and all eyes point towards his beautiful wife, who potentiall could have killed him for money.

Stars: Stacy Keach

Forensic Files

Forensic Files - "Drowning Sorrows" | 8:00 PM

A family vacation turns into a nightmare when the wife is found face-down in the lake. There are no witnesses and little conclusive evidence to help police determine if they're dealing with a suicide, an accident or something more sinister. A forensic pathologist applies a ground-breaking technique to discover the truth.

Director: Michael Jordan
Writer: Paul Dowling

Forensic Files

Forensic Files - "As Fault" | 8:30 PM

The woman in the back of the truck was flailing her arms, screaming. They thought she was doing something dangerous for the fun of it. But when they find a jacket near a pool of blood, they realize what they'd seen wasn't a joy ride. It was an abduction.

Director: Michael Jordan
Writer: Paul Dowling

Corrupt Crimes - "Polo King's Deadly Hit And Run" | 9:00 PM

Florida polo enthusiast and billionaire, John Goodman, blows through a stop sign and slams into another car killing a college student. And a celebrity publicist backs her SUV into a crowd outside a nightclub, then flees the scene.

Corrupt Crimes - "From Student Seduction To Murder" | 9:30 PM

High school staffer, Pamela Smart, becomes a household name when she starts a love affair with a student, who she convinces to kill her husband. This tale of illicit sex and murder for insurance money become a real-life American soap opera.

Forensic Files

Forensic Files - "Out Of The Ashes" | 10:00 PM

On a cold December night in 1993, Rose Larner stopped in a convenience store on her way to her boyfriend's house and was never seen or heard from again. Rose's disappearance remained a mystery until a tiny clue found years later revealed a tragic tale of drugs, romance and revenge.

Director: Michael Jordan
Writer: Paul Dowling

Mary Higgins Clark’s The Cradle Will Fall

Featured Movie: Mary Higgins Clark's The Cradle Will Fall

Sunday, Oct 22 | 7:00 PM ET
Charged with investigating the suicide of a pregnant woman, prosecutor Kate DeMalo unwittingly becomes entangled in a complex mystery involving cheating husbands, strange doctors and murder.
Stars: Angie Everhart, John Ralston, Philippe Brenninkmeyer, William B. Davis
Rating: TV-PG
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Great channel guys! Terrific, user-friendly website, and your selection of film programming is a selection that I honestly look forward to re-watching. The crime series, especially “American Justice,” is a huge get. The word of mouth out here in Denver is solid. Great launch, and keep up the good work!
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