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72 Hours: True Crime

72 Hours: True Crime - "Bull's Eye" | 7:00 PM

A Girl Guide leader is found dead in her home on the floor of her bedroom. As there is no obvious cause of death, police are suspicious. When an autopsy reveals a small bullet lodged within the victim's brain with an entry wound through the left eye, detectives learn they're investigating a murder. The suspects include a lying husband and a violent and abusive son, both of whom are members of a local gun club. Each man blames the other, and detectives have to solve the mystery piece by piece, starting with a love letter found in the bottom of a drawer.

72 Hours: True Crime

72 Hours: True Crime - "Secret Life" | 7:30 PM

In Calgary, Alberta, a beautiful Ethiopian woman is found brutally strangled. The victim's husband seems genuinely distraught over his wife's death, but there is something strangely suspicious about him.

72 Hours: True Crime

72 Hours: True Crime - "Nightmare" | 8:00 PM

It's every woman's worst nightmare when a sexual predator attacks women in the safety of their own apartments while they are sleeping.

72 Hours: True Crime

72 Hours: True Crime - "The Hustler" | 8:30 PM

Whistler, B.C. a winter wonderland for the rich and trendy. Three people meet, the son of a wealthy Frenchman, a Vancouver businessman looking for investors, and a real estate agent trying to sell a mountainside estate. Unbeknownst to two of them, they are the latest victims of a notorious international con man.

It Takes a Killer

It Takes A Killer - "An Ex Attacks" | 9:00 PM

When a young man is brutally murdered in his home, the only suspect with a motive is his ex-girlfriend, who claims she hasn't seen the victim for months. But detectives uncover a digital camera in the victim's washing machine, DNA evidence, and phone messages that tell a different story.

It Takes a Killer

It Takes A Killer - "Bind, Torture, Kill" | 9:30 PM

A killer terrorizes Wichita, Kansas, preying on random people and families, tying them up, and strangling them. But then the killer goes quiet. When he resurfaces decades later, police find a way to lure him to reveal his identity


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I'm a devoted fan of broadcast, over-the-air, free television. Escape is a terrific new network with excellent films and crime documentaries. Thanks so much for this wonderful channel!
Philip Krumm, Facebook
Great channel guys! Terrific, user-friendly website, and your selection of film programming is a selection that I honestly look forward to re-watching. The crime series, especially “American Justice,” is a huge get. The word of mouth out here in Denver is solid. Great launch, and keep up the good work!
Trent Jordan, Denver, CO


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